Elegant Living in a Victorian Mansion 62 Berkeley Street offers all of the amenities of living life well. Furnished in designer selected antiques of the finest quality, your residence offers upscale accomodations with your hosts: Frank & Laura

A testament to the experience at Berkeley Mansion is the length of stay of our residents.  From Doctors to Mortgage Bankers to Retired Executives, the group is both culturally diverse, and a great mix of personalities.

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Joan Akron, NY - May 10, 2023

I absolutely love staying at the Berkeley Mansion. This home is beautiful and in the best location of Rochester. The tenants are friendly plus Frank and Laura treat you like family and are always there if anything is needed. I have stayed in three different rooms and they were all quiet and beautiful.

Dennis Rochester, NY - Aug 22, 2022

Having lived at the Berkeley Mansion since 2020, I have high praise for our hosts Frank & Laura, daughter Lisa, and my neighbors within this charmed home. There really isn't a better location, being a two-minute walk from Park Avenue, and all its many offerings. At the corner of Park & Berkeley, you'll find more than a dozen places for food, drink, and convenience items. The home is elegantly appointed and well maintained, with a huge front porch and a serene backyard. No matter if you are very social or a little reserved, everyone is warm and inviting. When you live at the Berkeley Mansion, you are not a tenant, you are family.

Cathy B Rochester, NY - Aug 10, 2022

62 Berkeley Street was a jump into the pool kind of thing for me. I am divorced and I wanted a new place that I could start fresh. Wasn’t sure about the dynamics at first. But I am a people person that likes to have fun and be social. Thankfully, I made that leap and I have lived in this house for over 10 years. The owners, Frank and Laura are now my family as is everyone else in the house. I have been so lucky to live here with this amazing group of people that I share the front porch with, the back yard with, and even their dining room table for holiday dinners. They have all changed my life and I am so grateful for all of our laughs and unbelievable memories we share here on Berkeley Street.

Rochester, NY - Oct 8, 2012

Hi, I was blessed to have an amazing house and wonderful people (Frank Laura) while I lived at the Berkeley Mansion during my 1 year internship program with the Hyatt. The place is filled with warmth, great supportive neighbors, the scenic beauties inside and outside the house is breath taking. As now I am away and living in Dubai, UAE, I am still in touch with Frank Laura and always ask them to have my room in case on my return (I hope so soon)!! The basement has its own laundry service (off course you need to pay for it, no lunch is free in America, right?), a TV with cable and internet - wifi in all rooms, Cable TV in all rooms, parking services, fully equipped kitchen and most of all the love Frank Laura share with all the tenants at the Berkeley. I would highly recommend the Berkeley Mansion for people who seek an accommodation short / long term. Frank Laura (if you are reading) - I miss you guys alot :)

Berkeley Mansion
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62 Berkeley Street
Rochester, NY 14607